Office Manager

E-mail: jholtz@newchallengesinc.com

Brief info

My name is Jana Holtz. I am the Office Manager at New Challenges, Inc. I have been with NCI for 11 years and counting! I have had extra training in Excel, Microsoft Word and Access. I was awarded “Employee of the Month” in the summer of 2022 and “Most Creative Costume” for our office Halloween costume contest in fall of 2022. I am a woman of many hats! You can find me mostly at my desk, answering phones, entering in data and creating spreadsheets (my favorite)! Otherwise, I am running around directing individuals, making copies, assembling packets or locating/gathering items for the sites. I also help plan our company’s events: i.e. Holiday parties, our Annual Stillwater Boat Cruise and most recently the NCI Polar Plunge.

I always try to have a smile on my face and a laugh in my belly when any individuals come visit me. I truly enjoy getting to hang out with our consumers wherever it may be whereas in our office, an NCI activity or at a large event. I like to make sure anyone walking into the office feels welcome and comfortable.

I was born and raised in NE Minneapolis, Minnesota where I lived until I was in my early 20s. I continue to live in Minneapolis and have never lived outside Minneapolis. I have many hobbies, mostly crafting. My most recent interest is weaving. I really enjoy working with different yarns, textures, etc. I have been known to paint, cross-stitch, knit and make my own greeting cards/gift tags. I also enjoy walks and hikes with my husband and our dog, Missi. We like to do an annual trip up to the Boundary Waters, where we canoe and portage many miles before finding the perfect campsite to stay at for 3-5 days.