Programs & Services: Assisted Living

Our Respite Care Service is tailored to your needs and your schedule, offering care during the times it’s needed most. Traditionally, we care for people with disabilities in their own homes for periods of 12 hours or more. For example, we might begin care on a Friday evening and continue through the weekend to Sunday.

Basic Assisted Living Services include:

  • Daily prepared meals
  • Enriching activities including: health, wellness, fitness and social
  • Initial and subsequent service plan updates
  • Emergency pendants
  • Nursing Care Management
  • Personal care staff on duty 24 hours a day
  • Safety checks
  • Laundry

Person-Centered Planning Approach: Supportive and Individualized Solutions

We are pleased to have been the recipient of a federal grant that supported us in our implementation of a Person-Centered Planning approach. Members of our administrative staff have completed intensive training on meeting with clients and engaging in this ongoing problem-solving process.

To begin Person-Centered Planning, we ask the individual to focus on their vision for the future—what life would be like without boundaries. Our team then meets to identify opportunities to make the vision become reality.

These opportunities may be through the development of personal relationships, participation in the community, or the acquisition of life skills that give people increased control over their own lives. Person-Centered Planning allows us to help make dreams become reality, both now and in the future.

New Challenges is dedicated to taking this approach rather than a more traditional approach to providing services for people with disabilities. In the past, solutions for people with disabilities were more one-size-fits-all. Our Person-Centered Planning approach lets us tailor services to do what’s right for an individual.

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