New Challenges offers: competitive wages, medical and dental insurance, paid time off, additional holiday pay, 401k options with employee match, profit sharing, and the ability to choose a schedule that fits your lifestyle.

Of course this doesn’t include all of the fun experiences, activities, and relationships we build with our persons served! Being employed at New Challenges goes beyond making a living, it’s about making a difference.

Our Values

Our values are comprised of four concepts we practice in our daily work. We treat each family, person served, and employee with these values in mind as we actively work to promote them within our organization and communities.


Everyone needs help at some point in their lives. We listen to, encourage and support each person towards achieving their goals. Our team respects each person’s unique abilities, routines, privacy and cultural preferences. We uphold the belief that we have “power with,” not “power over” individuals we serve.

Creativity & Innovation

Our team thinks outside the box and will offer creative solutions to complex problems. We encourage informed choice and are flexible and innovative when implementing unique strategies. We continue to be resourceful and embrace the challenges and opportunities to make positive change.


As a team, we work towards common goals by encouraging and supporting each other. We follow through with our commitments and share our skills and talents so that we can be better as a whole. Each person continues to learn from and teach each other, especially when asking for help.


We strive to position the client at the center of their team. Our open line of communication provides you with consistent support in a clear and understanding way. Our team relies on our knowledge and training to make sound decisions. We remain positive, dependable and responsible when it comes to the care of your loved one.

Our Commitment to Training

When you join our team, orientation and ongoing training are provided in-house or virtually according to availability or preference by experienced staff members. Training courses are completed electronically at the new employee’s discretion and on the job training is completed at the location with current employees from the location while building relationships with individuals served and the rest of the team at the location.

Ongoing annual training is required. We have set training modes established for each month. Training mods/courses are set up to meet the rules and regulations for the services provided and per NCI policy. Additional trainings regarding supports needed for persons served is completed at the locations.

two women and a man smiling for a photo with arms around each other

Training is critical to us, as it ensures we have quality staff on hand at all times. It also means we provide continuing opportunities for staff growth and advancement.

Find The Right Fit For You

Our various programs and services throughout the Twin Cities provide options for awake staff, overnight staff and live-in staff – and other flexible employment options. Take a look at our current job openings to see what opportunities we have available for you.

See why New Challenges is right for you! Explore our job positions.