Helping People Overcome Challenges for More Than 15 Years

Since 1999, New Challenges, Inc., has been dedicated to helping people throughout the Twin Cities metro area overcome the challenges they face, including developmental disabilities, acquired brain injuries, emotional and cognitive disorders.

We believe that people can best overcome these challenges and reach their dreams when they participate actively in their communities with minimal restrictions. Our owner and administrator Leeann Metzmaker, along with our highly-trained staff, work to reduce barriers, as well as encourage positive relationships and choices to help our clients be their best selves.

Our Hallmark: A Commitment to Quality

Quality services are our hallmark. We are committed to the highest standards in everything that we do. For us, that means tailoring the services we provide to the individual. Our team works together with each client to determine that person’s needs and goals and how we can support them. We then take an active role, providing care that is the best fit for the people we serve. We remain committed to each client throughout his or her life, altering services to fit his or her changing needs.

Our Services and Programs: Creating a Sense of Community

We offer a wide range of services and programs. We currently serve over 200 people in more than 50 homes, townhomes and apartments. We also offer in-home care and respite services that support families.

Additionally, our clients and staff participate in many different social activities designed to foster a sense of community and belonging. We hold an annual BBQ and a prom. We take trips together. We attend sporting events. To us, this sense of community is one of the most important things we offer.

A Company That’s More Like Family

We started out as a small company that felt like family. As we have grown, we have maintained that family feeling. The people who work with us, the people we serve and their own families are an integral part of our small and dedicated community.

To learn more about us or to talk with one of our experienced staff members about how we can help, call us at 651-454-0161 or