Our Approach to Services and Commitment to Quality

From the beginning, quality services have been a hallmark of what we provide the people we serve. We are committed to the highest standards in everything that we do. For us, that means tailoring the services we provide to the individual.

What makes us different is the methods we take to fully support individuals and their unique needs. Our team partners with individuals and their families or care providers to determine their goals and how they can be achieved. By evaluating different areas of their daily lives and identifying ways to improve their overall quality of life, we develop personalized strategies aimed to meet and exceed their goals.

group of individuals from New Challenges smiling for a photo while on a trip

We take on an active role from start to finish, providing care that is the best fit for the people we serve. Working with families, care providers, and other members of a person’s life, we become an extension of their family. Through our person-centered approach, we remain committed to each individual throughout their life, continually altering services to fit their changing needs and reach new goals.

Customized Solutions for Individual Support

Our programs and services deliver individualized care in the Twin Cities Metro Area. We currently serve over 225 individuals, ranging from ages 20-70, within our residential homes, apartments, and assisted living communities. Our teams specialize in person centered care.

This directive is present in all types of settings that New Challenges provides.

In-Home Services

Our In-Home services provide support to individuals living with their family or in a community home. We serve individuals with a broad range of abilities and needs. We feel it’s important to work with the individual and family to design the best plan of support and services.

Residential Placement

Our residential placement assistance offers a variety of residential settings, such as apartments, townhomes, single-family homes, or assisted living facilities depending on the individual’s needs and preferences.

Respite Services

Our respite services provide short-term care for individuals due to the absence of or need for relief of the family member(s) or primary caregiver normally providing the care.

Social Activities

Our social activity planners foster community relationships and build independence through a variety of unique and enjoyable activities. We attend various types of events, as one would with their own family. To us, this sense of community is one of the most important opportunities we provide. To best accomplish this, we focus on each individual’s interests and desires. This allows us to then match the event or activity to the personal preference of the individual.

Positive Support Services

Our programming provides strategies to increase the quality of life, increase positive behavior, and decrease or eliminate challenging behavior. Positive support analysts help individuals learn new skills and tools to assist and enhance the day to day challenges the individuals encounter.

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