Respite Services for Caregivers

Sometimes caretakers forget one important thing: To best care for your loved one, you must care for yourself, too. At New Challenges, Inc., we understand that even the most dedicated caretakers need a break to provide a high level of care for people with special needs. That’s why we offer in-home respite services to individuals and families throughout the Twin Cities.

Our staff members provide support for people with disabilities who live with their families. Sometimes this support is paired with other in-home care services. Other times, we provide only occasional respite services when needed.

We tailor the services we provide to individual needs, offering care during the times its needed most. Traditionally, we care for people with disabilities in their own homes for periods of 12 hours or more. For example, we might begin care on a Friday evening and continue through the weekend to Sunday.

We have the capacity to:

  • Provide support and guidance for activities of daily living
  • Care for medical needs
  • Escort people to appointments, social events and other community activities
  • Provide personal care and hygienic services
  • Offer companionship
  • Help ensure an individual’s physical and emotional safety

Take the time you need to care for yourself, as well as your loved one

Respite care gives primary caretakers the time they need to care for themselves, whether that means taking time to conduct necessary business or just to get away. Caretakers can trust that their loved ones are well taken care of in the hands of our knowledgeable and highly-trained staff members. They return feeling less stressed and more energetic.

We can help you understand the many options available to you. To inquire about respite care, call New Challenges at 651-454-0161 or