Creating Positive Behavior Plans for Individual Success

Every individual is unique in their needs. At times they can struggle with behaviors that limit their ability to actively participate in their community or achieve independence in their living situation.

At New Challenges Inc., we offer individualized behavioral programming to meet the needs of the clients we serve throughout the Twin Cities metro area. These services are available to all New Challenges clients, whether they live in one of our residential homes or receive in-home care or supports.

Positive Behavior Support Plans

Our staff understands that each person is unique in their needs. We work with each person we serve to identify key stressors and triggers that can cause challenging behaviors. With this information, staff then works together with the individual to identify specific coping strategies as an alternative to behavior.

We also create Positive Behavior Support Plans for our clients. The plan identifies key stressors and triggers for the individual, as well as which actions staff should take when working with each individual. Additionally, the plan addresses proactive strategies staff can use to minimize the possibility of behaviors.

The Positive Behavior Support Plan is a fluid document. The plan changes as the needs of the individual change. Our focus is on supporting the individual where they are at, and providing plans that help them reach their goals.

New Challenges employs a full time Behavior Analyst that is also available to assist with individuals who have higher behavioral needs.

Let Us Answer Your Questions

We would love to answer your questions about a loved one’s behavioral programming needs. To help you understand the many options available, call New Challenges, Inc., at 651-454-0161 or