NCI Creates a Service to Fit the Person

At New Challenges, Inc., we provide services to people with disabilities, including developmental disabilities, acquired brain injuries, emotional or mental health issues, and cognitive disorders. What makes our services unique is that, rather than fitting people into pre-created programs, we tailor our offerings to meet each individual’s needs.

Our offerings are not limited to initial placement. We remain committed to our clients throughout their lives, altering our services to fit changing needs.

NCI Services

Our services range from home placement care to behavioral programming and social activities. We encourage you to follow the links below to learn more:

Support for people in their own homes

We provide supportive services that help people with disabilities stay in their homes. These range from personal care services and social events to escorts to appointments.

Behavioral support plans

We offer behavioral programming to clients throughout the Twin Cities metro area, helping to protect our clients’ safety and the safety of others, promote positive behaviors and encourage community involvement.

Social activities and trips

We regularly host a full range of social activities for our staff members and clients to participate in together. These include in-house, neighborhood and other events in the Twin Cities metro area and throughout the United States.

Residential placement through New Challenges, Inc.

We have a variety of residential settings available to clients throughout the Twin Cities area, depending on each individual’s needs and preferences.

In-home respite services

We offer in-home respite services to individuals and families throughout the Twin Cities, supporting caretakers by helping them take much-needed breaks.

Person-Centered Planning Is Our Approach

We are pleased to have been the recipient of a federal grant that supported us in our implementation of a Person-Centered Planning approach. Members of our administrative staff have completed intensive training on meeting with clients and engaging in this ongoing problem-solving process.

To begin Person-Centered Planning, we ask a client to focus on his or her vision for the future—what life would be like without boundaries. Our team then meets to identify opportunities to make the vision become reality.

These opportunities may be through the development of personal relationships, participation in the community or through the acquisition of life skills that give people increased control over their own lives. Person-Centered Planning allows us to help make dreams become reality, both now and in the future.

New Challenges, Inc., is dedicated to taking this approach rather than a more traditional approach to providing services for people with disabilities. In the past, solutions for people with disabilities were more one-size-fits all. Our Person-Centered Planning approach lets us tailor services to do what’s right for an individual.

To learn more about our approach, and how we apply it across all services we provide, call us at 651-454-0161 or