Leeann Metzmaker Started the company in 1999 and it has grown every year since.
as the company has expanded, her focus has never wavered. She is focused on providing
each individual with the right amount of assistance, care, and resources to succeed.
she frequently surprises, clients with visits to their place of residence, place of work
and even some of their extracurricular activities like personal hobbies and softball games.

Rayne Olson
Rayne began working at New Challenges in 2001 as a Program coordinator,
and was later promoted to a program Director. Her passion for the field is fueled
by the experiences that New Challenges provides for their clients. In addition to interacting with clients
she also enjoys getting to know the new hires and as well as their stories that they share while in her office.
She considers herself a people person and believes strongly in the values that New Challenges instill in their clients and employees

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I started at New Challenges February 2007. I was a PC at one site then a year later took on a second site.
I worked with TBI and DD clients. I had an understanding of people with DD,
I have a close relative who was born prematurely and was diagnosed with MR.
He is my little cousin and I grew up taking care of him. When his Mom passed away in 2005,
I became his Legal Guardian, he lives with me and he is a happy healthy 38 year old.
In March 2015, I accepted a Program Director position working at the sites I have already been working in.
It was an easy transition for me. I enjoy the clients I’ve worked with, also enjoy getting to know the clients that are new or have transitioned from other company’s and programs

Thea passionately believes that everyone has a story and needs support at some point in their lives.
  In college, Thea served as a volunteer advocate for victims of sexual assault.   While volunteering, Thea met a young lady that needed some help,
but was unable to clearly articulate what had happened to her due to her disability.  The experience changed Thea’s life and inspired her to change her major and work
with individuals with disabilities and disadvantages.  25+ years later, Thea continues to be inspired by and honored to support individuals with disabilities who bravely meet every day challenges with courage and strength.   Thea and her spunky cat live in Saint Paul.  She enjoys a variety of crafts in her free time and dreams of someday being physically fit.     

I have been working in the Human Services field for 11 years. My passion for this job started when I was much younger and helping my grandmother working in a building with those who needed help. Leading to me volunteering at nursing homes in college, then starting as a Direct Support Professional to becoming the Program Director I am today. My true passion is helping those who come into our care live the lives they want to live and helping them get there then stay there. Outside of a work I’m a travel loving nerd who likes all games, and also to go camp in nature.

Briana graduated from St. Cloud State University with a degree in Applied Psychology, an emphasis in Applied Behavior Analysis, Counseling Theories and a minor in Child and Family Studies.  Briana also attended Eastern Connecticut State University where she completed all course work for the Board Certification in Applied Behavior Analysis.  She has spent most of her career working in the human service field as a Behavior Specialist working with both adults and children in developing positive behavior support programs.  Briana spent nine years working in Connecticut as a Behavior Specialist working with people living in group homes, supported living arrangements, foster care settings, and day programs.  Briana started working at New Challenges in October 2020 and enjoys meeting new clients and working together with their team to promote and foster all their goals. 

My name is Tenika, and I have been working in this field since 2010. I started out as a direct care staff, and my passion for helping others live their best lives led me to the Program Director role with New Challenges. I enjoy working directly with individuals on their goals and love to see the confidence it instills in them and the joy that it brings to their families and teams. When I am not working, I enjoy spending time with my family and my dog, working out, yoga, hiking, and cooking. I  also love to read , learn new things, and I am always trying to better myself and the world around me.

I have been in the field of disabilities for just about 10 years now. I really enjoyed hanging out with my cousin who has Down Syndrome and that is how I grew to want to help people with disabilities. In college, I helped out a family that had a son who had severe Autism. This is where I really knew that I wanted to help others out of college. I went to Hamline University and graduated with a degree in Sports and Recreation Management with a minor in Psychology. I played baseball at Hamline at the D3 level. My love for sports really helps me stay active and helps out in this field. I try to get people out as much as possible to stay active! I enjoy camping, sports, and card games! Out of college, I started working at a Day Program for people with disabilities and after about 5 years I moved on to be a Regional Director for a year and now am the Program Director here at New Challenges! 

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